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About Otley Lions
Chartered 17th June 1980 Otley    Lions    is    a    service    organisation    formed    by members   of   the   community   such   as   yourself   who wish   to   give   of   their   time   to   raise   funds   and   work   for the   betterment   of   others.   Lions   will   not   ask   more   of you   than   what   you   are   prepared   to   give   and   has   a family    first    policy.    We    operate    inside    a    friendly environment   of   co-operation   and   generally   much   fun is had in the name of charity. If   you   would   like   to   join   Otley   Lions   please   see   our members  page.
If   you   would   first   like   to   find   out   more   about   what we   do   then   the   activities    page   should   be   your   first port of call. Thank   you   for   taking   the   trouble   to   find   out   more about Otley Lions. Who are the Lions? (Click for 16 minute Youtube video about the Lions in the UK.)
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