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Otley   Lions   are   involved   a   number   of   activities   throughout   the   course   of   the   year.   Some   activities   are   related to   the   various   civic   events   that   occur   in   Otley   annually   while   others   are   one   off   projects.   Here   you   will   find displayed some of the projects we are proud to have been involved in:
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) On Tuesday 13th November Otley Lions presented a cheque for £1000 to the East Leeds Breathe Easy Group. The group runs support and exercise classes for people who have breathing and  respiratory problems. The money provides funding to the group to further expand and promote their work running Post Pulmonary Exercise classes going forward. The picture shows Lion President, George Chapman, past president David Homewood and Tony Hague, the East Leeds Breathe Easy treasurer.
Nov 2012
Oct 2012
Breathe Easy - COPD Group East Leeds
Army Cadets
On Monday 8th October, Lion President George presented a cheque for £200 and a Lions banner to the Otley Army Cadets. The money was to go towards providing a work t- shirt for each cadet for their out of uniform activities. There are about 35 cadets in total and this money means that each cadet will be able to purchase their shirt at a reduced rate.
On Saturday 6th October three local organisations came together to provide fine entertainment for the people of Otley. Otley Lions arranged for a Magic Show to be presented by the Bradford Magic Circle which took place at the clubhouse of Otley Rugby Union Club. In all 70 people attended and thanks go to Lion Stevie and the members of BMC for an enjoyable evening. Not only did we make a good profit of £187 but we enjoyed the show too.
Oct 2012
Sept 2012
Magic Show
Bramhope Show
Getting over the message at Bramhope Show on Sunday 2nd September. Otley Lions also ran the pot shy and book shop. Message in a bottle.
On Saturday 11th August, the Otley Lions took some local youngsters to participate in the annual Doncaster Disabled Sports Day. The photograph shows some Lions orchestrating the noble art of Fried Egg Flipping.
Aug 2012
Sept 2012
Doncaster Sports Day
Otley Lions Support The Children's Heart Surgery Fund
In June 2012 Ian Cragg stepped down from his office of President of the Otley Lions. One of the responsibilities and privileges of being the Lion President is to select the annual President's Charity. Ian chose the Children's Heart Surgery Fund, based at Leeds General Infirmary. The Fund supports valuable equipment, resources and research for the treatment of children with heart defects, whilst providing an invaluable support service for both the children and their families. In 2011 projects financed by the Fund included: six Babytherms (to control babies' temperatures post-operation); four Precision Flow Machines for the Intensive Care Unit; Clinical training courses; sensory toys for the playroom and two Vacuum Assisted Venous Draining Devices. The Otley Lions succeeded in raising £5,000 for this worthy cause. On Saturday 28th July, Ian presented the cheque, and Otley Lions bannerette, to Sharon Cheng, Director of the Children's Heart Surgery Fund. The Fund's mascot Katie Bear put in a special appearance to oversee the presentation.
Setting up the bookstall and pot shy at the 2012 Carnival. Though wet and windy the pot shy again proved to be popular with children and adults alike - especially with those needing to release the odd tension.
June 2012
May 2012
Otley Carnival
Otley Show
Lion Stevie on the pot shy at Otley Show. Always popular with everyone. The weather was kind and there was a good turn-out.
Over the Christmas period, the Otley Lions were very busy collecting money. Overall, a splendid total of £5,828.05p was raised. The Lion's targeted charity this year is the Children's Heart Surgery Fund. Fund raising activities included: Santa's Grotto at Stephen Smith's, street collections with the help of Santa's sleigh in Otley and Pool and a collection at Waitrose on Christmas Eve as Santa met the town's children and finalised arrangements for Christmas presents. The Lions wish to thank, the management and staff of Stephen Smith's and Waitrose for their help and cooperation and the citizens of Otley and Pool who gave so generously. Above all, they thank their old friend Santa Clause for giving of his valuable time so freely at his busiest time of the year.  Santa, in turn, thanks the children he met for making his Christmas so worthwhile and hopes they enjoyed receiving their presents and all had a very happy Christmas.
Jan 2012
Dec 2011
2011 Christmas Fund Raising
Santa Sleigh Walks
Otley club owns a sleigh which is pulled around the streets of Otley each Christmas accompanied by volunteers who door knock for donations. The activity is generally well received with many children eagerly anticpating the event. The 2011 sleigh walks were highly successful with large amounts of money raised for charity. Many thanks go to all those who contributed to this success.
Otley Lions operate a second hand charity book shop in the centre of Otley. During August the window display featured the Lions driven initiative "Message in a Bottle". The message in a bottle is very simply a plastic container with a leaflet inside listing any of the owner's medical information that an attending medical officer (i.e. a paramedic) may need to know. The bottle would usually be kept in the fridge as a fridge is a feature of every household and is generally easy to locate.
Aug 2011
June 2011
Message in a Bottle Window Display
Otley Carnival
The Otley Carnival was a great success this year with Otley Lions' pot shy proving to be very popular with children of all ages.
Dec 2013
Otley Lions Support  the Beehive Group
Beehive is an Otley-based club for young people with learning difficulties and is one of many organisations under the control of Leeds branch of People in Action. Beehive is led by the People in Action’s Changing Lives Service Manager, Geraldine Nichols, and Geraldine describes Beehive’s mission as being to provide “a safe local space for young people with learning difficulties to gather once a week to socialise.” Currently there are twelve members and they meet each Thursday evening at the Cross Green Community Centre. When the Otley Lions learned about Beehive they were keen to help and asked for a “wish list.” The Lions subsequently provided them with an air hockey table and a television set on which to play Wii games.  (Beehive had previously been donated a Wii set, but had no TV on which to play.) On Thursday 12th December Beehive moved back to its traditional venue after a refurbishment programme had necessitated a period of exile at the Weston Lane Youth Club. This provided a suitable occasion for the Lions to present the air hockey and television. Also attending to lend their support to Beehive were the Director of People in Action, Aquila Choudhry, and the MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland.  The photograph shows Greg Mulholland, Lion President Stevie Bellerby, Aquila Choudhry and Geraldine Nichols with some of the Beehive members around the air hockey table. Stevie is holding a “Thank You” card made by the Beehive group and signed by all the membership. It is not recorded whether or not a game of air hockey took place, and certainly nobody is revealing any hypothetical result!
Otley Lions presented £300 to the Weston Lane Junior Sports & Social Club to provide new furniture for their club house. Eric Booth and George Chapman of Otley Lions presented the cheque to Vanessa James the Weston Lane Junior Sports & Social Club treasurer.
Jan 2014
Otley Lions Presentation
The Otley Lions were recently contacted by Donna Alderson, whose son, Alexander, is an autistic young man who has been welcomed into the 9th Airedale and Tenzing Explorer Scouts. His involvement in their wide ranging activities has contributed immensely to his development. The Scouts have been working hard to raise funds for their trip to an International Scout Camp in Switzerland. When the Otley Lions were told that the scout troop was £500 short of the target they readily agreed to fill the gap and donate the £500 needed. The photograph shows the Lions’ past Youth Officer, George Chapman, Lion Gareth Dibble (who brought the issue to the Club’s attention) Alexander and members of the 9th Airedale, as George presents the cheque.
Jul 2014
Otley Lions Support Scout Trip to Switzerland
Background: Otley Golf Course, West Busk Lane
Dec 2014
Otley Lions Support The Big Hoo-Ha
Jake McBrinn, Richard Sabey and Lion George Chapman.
On   Tuesday   9 th    December   the   Otley   Lions   presented   The   Big Hoo-Ha with a cheque for £500. The   Big   Hoo-Ha   is   one   of   Otley’s   many   invaluable   local assets.   Since   1999   they   have   operated   as   a   community   arts organisation   running   projects   to   enable   people   to   produce their    own    artistic    creations    in    the    fields    of    music,    film, drama   and   mosaic.   Modern   technology   has   done   much   to enhance their operations, especially for music and film. They   serve   all   groups   of   citizens,   including   children   and people   with   learning   difficulties.   Their   work   in   local   schools is particularly valued. The   Big   Hoo-Ha   has   produced   a   vast   range   of   creations.   All Otley   citizens   will   have   seen   their   splendid   mosaic   chair outside   their   Woolpack   headquarters   in   Bondgate;   but   their work   goes   much   wider   than   that   and   includes,   rock   opera, experimental   electric   music,   Indonesian   fusions,   pop   videos and  theatre-in-education. The   photograph   shows   Otley   Lions   Past-President   George Chapman    presenting    the    cheque    to    Richard    Sabey,    the leader   of   the   Big   Hoo-Ha   and   Jake   McBrinn,   one   of   their young performers. The    money    will    be    put    to    good    use,    buying    more instruments    for    their    eager    musicians.    The    Lions    are delighted to support them. Anyone   wishing   to   learn   more   about   the   Big   Hoo-Ha   should visit their website .
Jun 2015
Otley Lions Help to Buy Defibrillator
When   the   Otley   Lions   heard   about   the   campaign   to locate    a    defibrillator    outside    Ashfield    School    they were    delighted    to    contribute    £500    towards    its purchase. The    campaign    has    bore    fruit    and    this    life-saving community   asset   is   now   in   place.   Let’s   all   hope   it’s never   needed,   but   it’s   very   re-assuring   to   know   it’s there just in case. The    picture    shows    Otley    Lion    President    Barbara Taylor with the Ashfield defibrillator.
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