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Lions Eric & David with Charlotte Wormald. The bookshop faces north but receives reflected sunshine. The Otley Lions’ mascot has been a very visible and active friend of the club since he joined them in the summer. However, all that time he has laboured under the disadvantage of having no name and being referred to merely as “the Lion”. However, that problem has now been solved. The Lions organised a “Name the Lion” competition open to all Otley children under the age of eleven. Many good suggestions, all with a convincing rationale, were received – such as, Cuddles (because he needs some) Scary (because he is) Larry (because it sound good – very alliterative) and Narnia (obviously from the Otley junior literati).  But, by the unanimous decision of the lion and his club mates, the winning selection came from seven year old Evie King. Evie named the lion Chip. The reason for the choice, as local Historians will readily understand, is the connection to one of Otley’s most famous sons, Thomas Chippendale.  Chip now goes into hibernation for the winter, but will emerge in the spring free from the shadow of anonymity, thanks to Evie.  The photograph shows Evie, Lion President Stephen Bellerby and, of course, Chip. For many years Des Ellis was a valued and popular member of the Otley Lions’ Club. He was the club’s President from 1998 to 1999. Sadly, in 2011 Des passed away.  The Lions wished to commemorate Des by installing a dedicated bench in the town. In September the bench was finally completed and erected, just outside the Burras Lane entrance to the All Saints Parish Church. The bench, as Des would have desired, is very sturdy and constructed to a high standard of craftsmanship.  The photograph shows Des’s widow, Mrs. Pat Ellis, sitting on the bench made to honour his memory.  Chip the Lion Des’s Bench Cycle racing in Otley on 2nd July 2014.
Background: Bradford Road, Otley & Kineholme Garage
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Fishing books window display. Book of the week.
Our Bookshop & Book of the week
Incoming Lion President 2014/2015.
A message from Lion President (2014-15).
Chip with friend under the Buttercross.
Otley Lions’ Safari Chip, and his friend under the Buttercross. & the winner is?
Lion Stevie plus two others at Doncaster Wildlife Park.
How many Lions in this picture? The answer is on this page if you can find it! Chernobyl Children’s Project (CCP). Click on Lion Stevie’s nose for article & pictures.
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Imagine    what    it’s    like    to    live    in    a    Third-World country   where   your   children   have   to   walk   miles   to school   every   day.   Now   imagine   what   it’s   like   for them   to   have   to   do   it   barefoot,   over   challenging terrain,    because    you    cannot    afford    to    buy    them shoes! Such   is   the   situation   all   over   the   world,   and   that certainly    won’t    change    overnight.    However,    the Otley   Lions   are   pleased   to   become   part   of   a   project to   ameliorate   this   problem   in   one   country   at   least. Their   fellow-Lions   in   the   Bramley   and   Wickersley Club    (just   south   of   Doncaster)   have   taken   up   the challenge    of    collecting    shoes    for    the    children    of Gambia,     and     they     have     asked     Lions     Clubs throughout Yorkshire to join them. Gambia   is   a   very   poor   country   indeed,   ranking   164 th   out    of    195    in    the    CIA    World    Factbook.    The    per capita   income   of   its   1.4   million   citizens   is   a   mere $455   a   year   (ours,   by   comparison,   is   $37,500.)   It   is situated   in   West Africa,   surrounded   by   Senegal   and stretching   west   to   east   along   (predictably   enough)
the   River   Gambia.   Eighty   per   cent   of   the   workforce is   employed   in   agriculture,   often   at   a   subsistence level.   The   main   ethnic   group,   fans   of   the   legendary “Roots”    should    note,    is    the    Mandinka.    Seriously short     of     most     of     what     we     would     regard     as necessaries,   when   poled   as   to   which   “luxury   goods” they     would     most     value,     the     vast     majority     of Gambians    opted    for    shoes    –    especially    for    their children. The    Otley    Lions    will    therefore    be    making    their Mercury   Row   bookshop   available   as   a   collection point   for   used   children’   shoes,   to   be   dispatched   via the    Bramley    Lions    straight    to    the    children    of Gambia.   This   is,   of   course,   an   ideal   time   of   year   to launch   a   collection   of   used   children’s   shoes.   The Academic   Year   2014-2015   will   soon   be   upon   us, and   doubtless   many   parents   will   be   acquiring   new school   shoes   for   their   children.   Any   old   shoes   or ones   that   have   been   outgrown   can   find   an   excellent home at the Lions’ bookshop. Please try to help.
Otley Lions Join “Shoes for Gambia” Appeal
Otley Lions Take up the Ice-Bucket Challenge It   seems   it’s   OK   for   George   Bush   and   a   little   too   cold for   Barack   Obama.   However   when   the   Otley   Lions’ Immediate    Past    President    and    current    Secretary, Stevie   Bellerby,   was   nominated   he   happily   took   up the    ice-bucket    challenge    to    help    raise    money    to combat   motor-neurone   disease.   And   who   better   to administer    the    soaking    than    the    Lions’    mascot, Chip?     So,     here’s     Stevie     “enjoying”     his     act     of philanthropy.    It’s    not    recorded    whether    or    not    he wants to do this every year.
The famous pot shy with Lions Ian, David, Eric & Stevie. I think Lion Eric may have spent some time on a desert island. Lion Stevie is very proudly displaying a new set of balls. Lion Mary is wondering about Stevie's trousers. They must have shrunk in the ice bucket challenge? Even fairies & wizards have a smashing time!
Otley Lions at Bramhope Show on 7th Sep 2014
Is it my imagination or is Chip loosing weight? Chip the snake charmer making friends with Betty the Boa but will it last? Charity auction window display. Charity auction - some of the lots. Remembrance Day display. Window notices.
November bookshop window
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