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Website Statistics Friday 2nd January 2015 I   sometimes   wonder   if   anyone   looks   at   this   site.   The   Lions district    runs    a    server    hosting    many    clubs    using    a Wordpress    template.    The    webmaster    for    the    district publishes    monthly    statistics    based    on    pageviews.    I    am amazed   by   some   of   these   numbers   ranging   from   zero   to 1401.   I   have   been   using   Google   Analytics   and   have   only managed   to   achieve   a   maximum   of   961   pageviews   from 512   sessions   and   373   users   for   December   2014.   However using   the   webalizer    figures   provided   by   the   website   host iPage   presents   a   totally   different   set   of   statistics.   How   can this be? To   compare   pageviews   on   a   “level   playing   field”   I   will   use the   webalizer   statistics   to   compare   with   other   sites   in   the 105c district. December’s pageviews reported as 4309! Supersites Saturday 18th October 2014 I’ve   had   enough   of   supersites   and   as   for   responsive   sites   - well    -    call    them    unresponsive    sites!    So    -    fancy    page transitions   are   out   and   single   page/html   files   are   back   - easier   to   control   that   way.   I’ve   split   the   site   into   an   index file   and   two   separate   files   for   the   galleries.   In   this   way   I can   keep   the   site   updated   on   my   Windows   XP   Tower   server which   is   still   providing   good   service   though   recently   it   has been grinding to a crawl. I   changed   the   HD   on   my   notebook   (W7-64bit)   OCZ   120gb SSD   to   a   Crucial   512gb   SSD   so   have   used   the   120GB   SSD for   XP   on   the   tower.      Though   XP   is   not   really   suited   to   SSDs it   seems   to   be   working   ok   and   by   removing   years   of   junk programs   I’ve   managed   to   improve   startup   times   by   paring down the startup services to a minimum. Because   64-bit   can   address   a   larger   memory   it’s   tempting to   store   the   site   in   one   large   file   -   but   this   is   a   mistake   - because   it   means   for   small   changes   the   whole   has   to   be compiled    and    tested/uploaded.    This    is    ok    for    smaller configurations but is impracticable as the site grows. Extravaganza Monday 15th September 2014 Otley     Lions     attended     the     Vintage   Transport   Extravaganza   yesterday   with the    bookstall    and    “bat    the    rat”.    As usual   it   was   a   busy   and   noisy   affair with   fair   organs   playing   and   events   in the main ring. Parkinson’s Wednnesday 3rd September 2014 Lion   Judy   Sagar   spoke   about   Parkinson’s   Disease   and   its effects   on   suffers,   families   and   carers.   I   once   worked   in   a drawing   office   and   one   of   the   draughtsmen   developed   the symptoms    of    Parkinson’s    though    at    the    time    we    didn’t
know   -   he   was   in   his   early   30s.   It   was   thought   to   be caused   by   a   lack   of   dopamine   in   the   brain   and   was   treated with   L-DOPA.   This   seemed   to   work   for   a   while   but   had some   strange   side   effects   probably   worse   than   the   disease itself.   Occasionally   he   would   freeze   and   then   burst   into   a John   Clease   silly   walk.   We   usually   think   of   Parkinson’s   and Alzheimer’s   as   diseases   of   the   elderly   but   they   can   strike   at relatively young ages too. Club Meeting Tuesday 2nd September 2014 Last   night’s   meeting   was   attended   by   District   Governor   Ian Sagar     and    his    wife    Judy .    The    DG    was    appointed    at    a convention   in   Toronto   earlier   this   year   also   attended   by     current   Lion   Treasurer   David   McDowell.   The   DG   and   his wife   belong   to   different   Lions’   Clubs.   Judy   Sagar   is   Lion President   of   Pocklington   District   Lions   Club   though   this   is not   clear   from   the   Pocklington’s   Lions   website   and   Ian   is   a past   president   of   Beverley   Lions.   Some   pictures   can   be found    here .    I    had    intended    to    take    a    camera    to    the meeting   (but   forgot!).   The   lighting   in   the   room   is   very subdued   and   the   pictures   were   taken   on   a   smart   phone without flash. Changes Monday 1st September 2014 Over    the    last    few    days I’ve    made    quite    a    few   w   h   i   c   h     may     result     in     a     few broken    links.    I’ve    split the   site   into   two   chunks   -   the   index   and the   gallery.   This   came   about   because   I   was trying   to   accomodate   mobile   devices   and found   that   things   started   to   get   unwieldy in   a   single   index   file.   The   problem   comes when   linking   pages   -      normally   a   simple thing.   Linking   pages   embeded   in   a   single file   is   not   difficult   -   just   different   and   it’s easy   to   miss   a   link   or   back-link.   From   an   editing   point   of view   a   single   file   is   easy   to   manage   but   causes   problems because   the   whole   site   is   stored   in   memory.   I   started   to get    out-of-memory    errors    when    compiling    so    the    only other   alternative   would   have   been   to   reduce   the   number   of pictures.   I   chose   to   split   and   have   two   “supersite”   files.   At
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