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fixed (I hope!). Any   reference   to   the   original   pages   will   take   you   back   to the   mark   I   system   so   the   only   way   back   is   to   hit   the browser   back   or   previous   page   rather   than   through   the menus.   I   will   convert   the   pages   as   and   when   I   get   round   to it. A   few   hiccups   still   to   sort   out   -   for   instance   -   this   blog   and how   to   order   it   -   recent   first   of   course   but   doing   it   is   not quite so straight forward. Later ... Xara    Designer    has    decided    to    rename    index.htm    to bshow.htm     completely     trashing     the     website!     I     was beginning    to    think    that    madness    was    setting    in    until    I found   the   oddly   named   directory   bshow_htm_files   on   the server   and   the   index   file   bshow.htm.   I   had   exported   the website   to   a   local   directory   and   tested   it   before   publishing to   the   server.   Only   changed   files   are   uploaded   so   I   was   a bit   suspicious   when   after   a   small   change   a   large   number   of files   were   uploaded.   The   problem   now   is   that   it   is   getting too    late    to    turn    back!    The    fault     turned    out    to    be    my problem (more later still). Transition to Xara Web Designer (1) Wed 2 th  May 2013 I’m    having    serious    doubts    about    Xara    Web    Designer. There’s   no   doubt   that   it’s   very   powerful   -   but   it   exhibits some   very   strange   behaviour.   Take   saving   your   work   for instance    -    if    you    forget    and    just    close    the    program    it doesn’t   prompt   you   to   save   so   next   time   you   open   the   file it   tells   you   that   a   later   version   is   being   edited   and   gives you   the   option   to   revert   and   loose   the   edits   or   to   keep   the edits   or   to   keep   both.   Too   complicated   for   me!   It   can   also keep   a   number   of   versions   default   10   but   these   a   buried   in appdata\local\xara   ...   It’s   easy   to   make   a   mistake   (cock up)   without   noticing   for   instance   and   with   auto   backups defaulting   at   10   minutes   to   loose   the   point   at   which   the mistake   was   made   -   this   is   surprisingly   easy   to   do.   Of course   you   can   switch   this   behaviour   off   and   it   will   prompt you   to   save   when   you   close   but   very   annoying   until   you realise. Navigation   bars   are   a   point   in   question.   Adding   a   new   page automatically    updates    the    navigation    bar    which    is    easy enough   to   delete   until   you   realise   it   has   also   deleted   an existing   menu   option   and   its   sub   menus!   The   behaviour can   also   be   turned   off   but   again   is   very   annoying.   Looking
admiringly    at    your    website    and    suddenly    realising    that something   is   missing   is   a   shock   and   you   begin   to   doubt your   sanity.   I’ve   never   had   this   problem   with   html/css editing.    Still    it    makes    text    editing    as    easy    as    desktop publishing   plus   the   knowledge   of   html/css   certainly   adds   to the understanding of Xara web designer.
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