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Change-over barbeque 2014
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On   Sunday   22 nd    June,   the   members   of   the   Otley   Lions Club   enjoyed   one   of   the   pivotal   events   of   their   year   the   Presidential   change-over   accompanied,   as   always for the Otley club, with a sumptuous barbeque. The   President   for   2013-14,   Stephen   Bellerby,   ended his   enjoyable   and   productive   year   at   the   helm   by handing   over   the   Chain   of   Office   to   the   new   Lion President,   Barbara   Taylor.   Everyone   in   the   Otley   Lions confidently   wish   Barbara   all   good   fortune   in   her   new role. Moreover,   Stevie   presented   long-standing   Otley   Lions Club     member     Mary     Ratcliffe     with     the     highly prestigious   award   of   the   Melvin   Jones   Fellowship.   The Fellowship,   named   after   the   very   founder   of   Lions
International,   is   only   very   rarely   awarded   and   is   a tribute   to   Mary’s   dedicated   and   unstinting   service   to the   Lions   over   very   many   years.   All   club   members would agree that it is richly deserved. Also,   the   Lions   welcomed   into   their   fold   new   member Gareth   Dibble,   making   Gareth   the   20th   member   of this thriving club. The   event   was   enjoyed   by   all   present   –   Otley   Lions, their   friends         and   partners   and   by   the   members   of neighbouring Lions clubs invited for the day. And now, the Otley Lions will busy themselves raising money and dispensing it to good causes.
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Otley Lions’ Presidential Change-Over Barbeque
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