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Otley Lions Changeover Barbecue 2016 On   Sunday   26th   June,   Otley   Lions   drew   their   year   to   a   close   (Lions   Clubs   International's   fiscal   year   runs from   July   to   June)   with   a   barbecue.   An   opportunity   for   the   outgoing   president,   Eric   Booth,   to   reflect   on   the President's   Project,   supporting   the   supply   of   community   defibrillators   around   the   town,   Otley   Lions   provided six   of   them   over   the   year   in   town   plus   one   in   Askwith.   Basic   first   aid   classes   were   also   arranged   to   support this project in Otley and Askwith. The   year   had   also   seen   the   Club   support   other   national   and   international   projects   as   well   as   the   local   ones, such   as   providing   equipment   the   Margaret   Carey   Foundation,   providing   chairs   for   Otley   Courthouse   and   the Otley Flood Appeal. Lions   Den   at   Cross   Green   Community   Centre   and   the   Wicker   Cyclists   at   the   Fire   Station   have   been   well received additions to the town. The   Club   supported   the   Chernobyl   Children's   Project   with   a   trip   to   Forbidden   Corner   with   plans   for   this supporting this year's recuperative holiday already underway. Tools   for   Africa   continue   to   come   in,   as   do   spectacles   and   hearing   aids   and   of   course   the   books   received   in droves, some of which are used abroad supporting Lions' projects in the Gambia and Sri Lanka. Otley   Lions   remains   indebted   to   all   who   have   supported   and   continue   to   support   them   in   their   endeavours and without which the help given in service and donations would be diminished considerably. Another   busy   year   was   brought   to   a   close   with   Gareth   Dibble   passing   his   Vice   President's   Chain   to   Judy Pears before receiving from Eric the Chain of Office to begin his year. Guests   in   attendance   at   the   Changeover   included   Otley   Town   Mayor,   Ian   Jackson   and   his   consort   Angela Graham,   Councillor   Peter   Jackson   (who   had   championed   the   campaign   for   community   defibrillators   )   with his   wife   Fiona.   Also   there   as   a   guest   was   Leonie   Sharp,   from   Friend   of   Otley   Lido,   which   will   be   this   year's President's Project. Gareth   and   Judy's   terms   in   office   will   bookend   Lions   Clubs   International's   centenary,   which   is   next   year   and Otley Lions looks forward to inviting the town and surrounding area to join them in their celebrations.