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Chernobyl Children visit Doncaster Wildlife Park
Lion Patrick, Andy King & Belarus & UK host children. Children from Belarus try to get to grips with Aussie Rules!
1st August 2014 Phil, I   would   like   to   thank   you   and   all   of   your   fellow   Lions   on   behalf of   everyone   from   Leeds   CCP   for   organising   and   sponsoring today's trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It   was   a   great   venue   and   I   am   sure   that   everyone   enjoyed   the day   out.   The   Belarusian   children   will   certainly   have   never   seen Lions, Tigers & Giraffes before! Your   continued   support   is   very   much   appreciated   and   plays   an important   part   in   helping   us   bring   the   children   over   for   their recuperative holiday. Stay in touch. Kind Regards, Andy
On   Thursday   31 st    July   2014   the   Otley   Lions   helped   to   support   the splendid    work    of    the    Leeds    Support    Group    for    the    Chernobyl Children’s Project.  Following   the   notorious   nuclear   disaster   at   Chernobyl   in   1986,   two- thirds   of   the   ensuing   radioactive   matter   settled   in   neighbouring Belarus.   The   land,   and   therefore   food,   was   contaminated   and   there was a huge rise in childhood leukaemia. The   Chernobyl   Children’s   Project   is   an   international   organisation supporting   the   victims   of   the   disaster.   Every   year   the   Leeds   Support Group   hosts   a   group   of   children   from   the   affected   part   of   Belarus   for a   month-long   holiday   in   Yorkshire.   They   stay   with   local   families   who devote   two   weeks   of   their   annual   holiday   to   hosting   them.   This period    away    from    Belarus,    enjoying    clean    air    and    fresh    food, dramatically     improves     their     state     of     health     and     their     life- expectancy. For   two   years   running   the   Otley   Lions   have   been   delighted   to   accept the   invitation   to   organise   one   of   the   excursions   for   the   children. Last   year   it   was   decided   to   take   them   to   Scarborough.   Belarus   being
a   land-locked   country,   none   of   them   had   ever   seen   the   sea,   and   the children enjoyed the trip hugely. This    year    the    Otley    Lions    funded    and    organised    the    children’s excursion   to   the   Yorkshire   Wildlife   Park   in   Doncaster   and   some members   and   friends   of   the   Otley   Lions   accompanied   the   Belarus children,   some   of   their   hosts   and   members   of   the   Leeds   Support Group to the Wildlife Park for the day.  The   children   appreciated   their   day   with   the   exotic   animals   and   it was   a   delight   to   watch   them   enjoying   themselves.   The   Chernobyl Children’s   Project   is   a   wonderful   cause   and   the   Otley   Lions   are   very pleased to be able to make a contribution. The   photograph   above   (lower   right)   shows   the   Chernobyl   children, their   hosts,   members   of   the   Leeds   Support   Group   and   members   of the   Otley   Lions,   all   being   greeted   on   arrival   at   the   Park   by   the Lions’ popular mascot, Chip. Anyone   interested   in   the   Chernobyl   Children’s   Project   can   visit   their website:
Background: Doncaster Wildlife Park
Otley Lions Support the Chernobyl Children’s Project 2014
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Next to Chip is Gillian & Lion Patrick McCauley & Andy King of the CCP. The Children & somehow Lion Phil has been sliced in half!
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