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Otley Lions Writing Competition
Otley     Lions     have     decided     to     launch     a     story     writing competition   open   to   all   children   and   young   people   attending local   schools.   The   aim   of   the   competition   is   to   encourage   the participants   to   stretch   their   imagination   as   they   try   their hand   at   creating   works   of   fiction:   it’s   also   hoped   they   have   a lot of fun. There     will     be     four     levels     of competition           related           to educational    Key    Stages    –    Key Stage    1    (5-7    years    old)    Key Stage   2   (7-11)   Key   Stage   3   (11- 14)    and    Key    Stage    4    (14-16).      Entries     may     be     hand-written, word-processed   and   delivered   as hard      copies      to      the      Lions’ Bookshop    in    Mercury    Row    or delivered    as    an    email    attachment    to    the    Lions’    Publicity Officer   at   Entrants   won’t   be   required   to complete   an   application   form.      All   that   is   needed   is   a   cover sheet    indicating    name,    address,    telephone    number,    email address (if possible), date of birth and school attended. Competitions   will   be   held   twice   a   year   with   the   competitions closing   and   the   winners   being   announced   in   the   months   of January   and   June.   The   first   competition   will   therefore   have   a closing   date   of   June   1 st ,   2014.   The   prize   for   all   categories   will be    a    £20    book    token;    also,    the    winning    stories    will    be displayed   in   the   Lions’   bookshop   and   posted   on   their   website and     the     winners’     names     will     be     announced     in     the “Wharfedale Observer.” For   the   Key   Stages   1   and   2   the   word-limit   shall   be   500   words and   for   Stages   3   and   4   it   shall   be   750   words.   The   stories shall    be    judged    by    a    group    of    Otley    Lions    applying    the criteria   of   originality,   plot,   characters,   narrative,   dialogue, style and linguistic accuracy.
The   theme   for   the   stories   will   change   each   time.   Competitors will   be   given   a   choice   of   themes.   There   will   always   be   two themes offered for each age group. For June 2014, the themes are thus:- Key Stage 1. a)   Opening   sentence;   “As   the   clock   struck   midnight,   the first of the toys to come to life was Leo, the cuddly soft lion.” b) A letter to a fairy tale character. Key Stage 2. a) Opening sentence; “The ride suddenly stopped.” b) “The Storm.” Key Stage 3. a) Opening sentence; “Had I made a huge mistake... ” b) “Why was he laughing?” Key Stage 4. a)   Opening   sentence;   “Tension   mounted   as   I   realised how much hung on my next move.” b) “Farewell... and arrival.” Key   stages   3   and   4   may   also   produce   any   piece   of   “Flash- fiction”   -   a   story   of   six   words.   There   will   be   a   separate   prize of £20 book token for the best flash fiction entry. The    Lions    will    be    asking    local    schools    to    announce    the competition     in     their     assemblies.     The     Lions     hope     the competition     will     arouse     interest     and     stimulate     some enjoyable   and   intriguing   works   of   fiction.      And,   who   knows, we may uncover Otley’s answer to J.K. Rowling!
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