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For   the   personal   touch,   Otley   Lions   welcome you   to   call   in   at   our   book   shop   on   Mercury Row   in   Otley   and   talk   to   the   staff   on   duty.   We are   open   on   Tuesdays,   Fridays   and   Saturdays from    9:30am    till    3:30pm.    We    also    open Wednesday   11am   to   2:00pm      and   Thursday 9:45am   till   12:45pm   and   on   Farmers   Market Sundays from 9:30am till 12:30pm. If    you    wish,    come    directly    to    one    of    our meetings   which   are   held   on   the   1 st    and   3 rd   Monday of the month at 7.30pm at the: Horse & Farrier 7 Bridge Street Otley LS21 1BQ Tel: 01943 468400   Or ring / Email one of the following: President: Barbara Taylor 01943 467551 Secretary: Stephen Bellerby 01943 511262 Membership: Patrick McCauley 01943 466917 For wider information on Lions club national and internationally: Please visit  to find out more about what Lions is doing internationally. You may also visit  to find out more about what Lions is doing nationally. Additionally visit  for information on our specific district.
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