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Doncaster Fun & Sports Day 2014
Lions' Tents at the sports ground. All quite replete after a particularly heavy lunch. Lion Stevie was later removed by fork-lift truck! The Lady Mayor showing how it's done. Chip takes his turn but seems to be struggling. Egg flip winner Abi (from our Otley team) receiving her trophy from Lion David. Lion President Barbara presenting a trophy and looking particularly cool.
Background: Doncaster sports ground
Every   year,   Lions   clubs   unite   to   mount   the   Doncaster Fun   &   Sports   Day   –   a   carnival   of   competitive   sports and   games   for   disabled   people.   The   therapeutic   and rehabilitative   value   of   competitive   sport   for   disabled people   has   long   been   well-   established   and   validated. Perhaps   even   more   to   the   point,   competitive   sport   is always great fun! The   Otley   Lions   transported   eleven   young   people   and four    of    their    helpers    to    Doncaster    for    the    day    on August   9th.   They   also   offered   their   legendary   egg-flip competition.   The   Lions   have   long   observed   that   few sports     can     make     people     as     competitive     and
aggressive    as    trying    to    flip    a    plastic    egg    a    little further   than   your   opponents.   All   participants   enjoyed themselves. The    photograph    (bottom    left)    shows    the    Lions mascot,      Chip,      demonstrating      his      egg-flipping prowess.     As     can     be     seen,     his     focus     and determination   were   exemplary,   but   he   realises   he needs to work on his technique. The   Otley   Lions   will   always   be   pleased   to   continue   to support    the    admirable    annual    Doncaster    Fun    and Sports Day.
Otley Lions Support the Doncaster Fun & Sports Day
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