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Otley Lions Support Local Students When   St.   Mary’s   High   School   recently   held   the   annual   Sixth   Form   Presentation   Evening,   prizes   were   awarded   to   a   wide range   of   deserving   recipients   -   for   high   scoring   ‘A’   Level   points,   excelling   in   specific   subjects,   making   outstanding   progress, demonstrating leadership skills, contributing to community service and achieving sporting excellence. The   Otley   Lions   were   pleased   to   make their    contribution    by    providing    the Otley   Lions   Achievement   Awards   to   two students    selected    by    the    school    as being   worthy   and   appropriate   winners. The   Lions’   prize   of   £100   worth   of   book tokens    is    open    to    “first    generation graduates.”   It’s   a   great   leap   forward   to be   the   first   member   of   your   family   to be   admitted   to   university.   As   with   any achievement,   somebody   has   to   be   the first   to   manage   it;   for   those   who   may follow,     the     goal     then     becomes     a realistic   target   rather   than   a   seemingly insurmountable barrier. This    year    the    prizes    were    given    to Rachel   Boker,   who   is   reading   Fine   art at      Northumbria   University,   and   Daniel Atkinson,   who   is   reading   Economics   at Leeds University. The    photograph    shows    from    left    to right,     Patrick     McCauley,     the     Lions Publicity   Officer,   David   McDowell,   the Lions    Treasurer    and    Past    President, Daniel   Atkinson   receiving   his   Certificate   of   Congratulations   and   Joanne   Milner,   the   Guest   Speaker   for   the   evening   and   an alumnus of St. Mary’s who is now the Chief Executive of Debrett’s. Rachel Boker, unfortunately, was not able to attend. The Otley Lions congratulate Daniel and Rachel and wish them all success in their degree studies and subsequent careers.
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Otley Lions News Margaret Thompson (facebook) Wonderful   concert   tonight   Otley   Brass   Band   for   Otley   Lions.   You   made   so   many   people   happy   with   your   music   and   your smiles   and   your   infectious   good   humour.   Thanks   a   bundle   -I   love   you   all   (though   the   one   I   married   and   the   one   I   gave birth   to   slightly   more   than   the   rest   of   you-only   slightly!)   For   those   of   you   in   Otley   who   missed   it-get   in   early   next   year-the best   £3   you'll   ever   spend-and   a   lovely   cuppa   provided   by   members   of   the   Otley   Scouting   Community.   Well   done   all   and especially the lovely Will Rowson xx Lions Sponsor Otley Brass Band On   Friday   24 th    April   the   Otley   Lions   once   again   sponsored   one   of   the   ever-popular   concerts   performed   by   the   Otley   Brass   Band,   this   time   at   the United Reformed Church on Bridge Street. The   band,   as   always,   responded   splendidly   to   the   vigorous   conducting   of   their   motivational   Musical   Director,   Will Rowson.   A   hugely   enjoyable   programme   included   the   stirring   “War   of   the   Worlds”   theme   tune,   a   haunting   rendition   of “Amazing Grace” and an inspiring interpretation of “Jerusalem.” Brass   Bands   are   a   great   and   time-honoured   Yorkshire   tradition   and   Otley   audiences   invariably   enjoy   hearing   our   very own   Brass   Band   playing   with   such   gusto   and   skill.   The   Lions   are   delighted   to   have   sponsored   this   quintessential Yorkshire evening. The photographs show the audience enjoying the band playing in full swing. Tools For Africa A   year   ago,   Otley   Lions   decided   to   support   the   Ilkley   “Tools   For   Africa”   group   in   their   great   initiative   of   collecting   used   tools,   refurbishing   them and   dispatching   them   to      African   organisations   to   provide   tool   kits   and   skills   training   for   local   artisans   and   communities.   The   Lions   invited   Otley citizens   to   deliver   their   used   tools   to   the   Lions’   Mercury   Row   bookshop   and   the   initial   response   was   splendid,   with   car-loads   of   tools   arriving each week. Since   then   support   has   dropped   off   and   the   supply   of   tools   has   dried   up.   The   Lions   would   like   to   remind   the   people   of   Otley   that   the   scheme   is still   operating   and   unwanted   tools   are   still   very   welcome   at   the   bookshop.   Ilkley   Tools   For   Africa   have   recently   sent   builders   kits   to   Uganda, carpentry   equipment   to   Tanzania   and   are   now   particularly   eager   to   acquire   electrical   installation   and   auto-mechanical   tools,   sewing   machines and   any   accompanying   haberdashery   and   bicycle   repair   kits.      Carpentry,   plumbing,   building   and   shoe-making   equipment   would   also   be particularly valued. All small tools, however, would be very welcome. Therefore,   please   bring   any   of   your   redundant   tools   to   the   Lions’   Mercury   Row   bookshop   during   their   opening   hours   to   support   the   Tools   For Africa group’s great efforts to help African communities to work their way out of poverty.
Background: Peace Poster Winner
Lions Stevie and Phil. Beehive Club members Stephen and Jonathan.
Beehive Group Help Otley Lions with Sainsbury’s Bag-Pack
On   Saturday   13 th    December,   the   Otley   Lions   organised   a   bag-pack   at   Sainsbury’s   Supermarket.   The   Lions   bag-packers were   ably   assisted   by   members   of   the   Beehive   Youth   Club   from   Cross   Green.   The   Lions   have   been   delighted   to   support Beehive and it was nice to welcome some of their members to help with the fund-raising. £235.53p   was   raised.   The   Lions   thank   all   shoppers   who   donated,   the   Beehive   Club   members   for   their   help,   and      of   course   - Sainsbury’s for their continued support. The photograph above left shows Lions Stevie Bellerby and Phil Pears happily soliciting donations.
Presentation evening.
Otley Lions’ Buttercross Sale One   of   the   many   great   features   of   Lions   Clubs   throughout   the   world   is   their   willingness   and   ability   to   provide   effective   and immediate    assistance    to    Third    World    communities.    The    Otley    Lions    recently    hosted    a    very    moving    and    inspiring presentation   from   members   of   the   Warmsworth   and   Edlington   Lions   about   their   long-standing   mission   to   help   the   people   of Gambia.   Each   year,   members   of   the   Warmsworth   and   Edlington   Lions   travel   to   Gambia   to   distribute   furniture,   clothes, books, medical supplies and other necessities to the citizens of one of Africa’s poorest countries. The   Otley   Lions   are   eager   to   help   and   will   therefore   organise   a   Grand   Book   Sale   under   the   Buttercross   on   Friday   13 th    March from   9.00   a.m.   to   12.00   noon.   Books   will   be   sold   at   50p   each,   with   children’s   books   discounted   to   25   pence.   All   proceeds will be donated to the Warmsworth and Edlington Lions’ Gambia project. Please come to the Buttercross to contribute to the Lions’ support for this fine cause.
New Generation of Top Otley Cyclists Otley   Cycle   club,   established   in   1927,   has   over   450   members   of   which   180   are   under   16.   In   the   last   3   years   the   club membership   has   tripled.   A   big   reason   for   this   is   the   clubs   investment   in   youth   and   it's   extended   coaching   activities.   In   the summer   they   run   weekly   coaching   sessions   which   attract   70   children   per   session.   Otley   Cycle   Club   are   planning   to   widen their range of cycling activity and to encourage more local youngsters into cycle sport. To   further   Otley   Cycle   Club's   investment   in   youth   they   were   hoping   to   develop   their   capacity   in   cyclo-cross   racing.   This   is   a rapidly   expanding   sport   with   events   taking   place   in fields,   school   playing   fields   and   local   parks,   again   it requires    a    specialist    bike.    The    youth    section    is looking   to   have   a   fleet   of   four   cyclo-cross   bikes   for under   16   year   olds.   These   will   be   hired   to   club members   to   encourage   them   to   participate   in   this exciting    off    road    sport.    This    loan    system    saves parents   having   to   fork   out   for   a   new   bike   for   this special activity. Enter   the   Otley   Lions   your   ‘local   service’   and   fund raising   organisation   which   has   been   working   with the   Otley   &   District   community   and   Sainsbury's   to help   local   charities   and   good   causes.   As   part   of   the Lions   commitment   to   youth   and   organisations   that help    youngsters    Otley    Lions    have    funded    the purchase    of    4    cyclo-cross    bikes    for    Otley    Cycle club. These bikes will be used by 6-14 year olds. “This   is   really   excellent   news   and   on   behalf   of   the club    I    would    like    to    thank    the    Lions    for    their generous   approach   to   this.   I   am   sure   it   will   be   an excellent       opportunity for   the   club   to   develop Cyclo-Cross              and support   the   enthusiasm of   the   young   riders   who are     keen     to     become involved    in    this    sport” said     Gareth     Frith     of Oltey Cycling Club. To   keep   everything   local Otley     Lions     went     to Chevin    Cycles    on    the recommendation          of cycling     club     member Ian   Cullen.      As   a   group of    top    cycle    shops    in Yorkshire   Chevin   Cycles   actively   support   and   sponsor   the   club   and   have   provided   the   Lions   and   Otley   cycling   club   with bikes   at   'cost'   price.   Voted   Number   One   UK   Independent   Bike   Store   2014,   Chevin   Cycles   has   stores   in   Otley,   Harrogate   and Skipton. God's cycling country and home of Otley Cycling Club. Visit  to learn more about Chevin Cycles. The   bikes   are   Frog   70s   and   Trek   Crossrips   in   four   sizes   of   wheels   suitable   for   8-16   year   olds.   On   taking   delivery   four   club members   were   impressed   with   the   colour   scheme   and   the   specification   of   the   bikes   as   demonstrated   in   the   team   photo that   included   Sanjai   Bahtia   Director   of   Chevin   Cycles,   Lion   Brian   Pettinger,   Cycling   Club   members   Tom,   Megan,   Lucy   and Lily and Ian Cullen (Otley Cycle Club Coach). [amended 3 rd  March 2015]
Sanjai Bahtia Director of Chevin Cycles, Lion Brian Pettinger, Cycling Club members Tom, Megan, Lucy and Lily and Ian Cullen (Otley Cycle Club Coach). Trek cyclo-cross bicycle. Team Sky Frog 70 cyclo-cross bike.
Can the Otley Lions Help You? As   readers   will   be   aware,   the   Otley   Lions   are   always   busy   raising   funds   and   supporting   good   causes   and   beneficial projects.   Autism   First,   the   West   Riding   Kidney   Patients   Association,   the   Big   Hoohah,   Tools   for   Africa,   Shoes   for   Gambia, Craft   Aid   International   and   World   Immunisation   Week   are   just   a   handful   of   the   causes   that   benefited   from   the   Otley   Lions’ endeavours in 2014. However,   our   area   is   full   of   voluntary   organisations   doing   good   work   and   benefiting   the   local   community.   Many,   the   Lions are   aware   of   and   have   been   pleased   to   support.   But,   obviously,   they   don’t   know   what   it   is   they   don’t   know!   There   must   be some   groups   well   worthy   of   support   but   hiding   their   light   under   the   metaphorical   bushel.   The   Lions   would   like   to   hear   from them. The   Otley   Lions   therefore   invite   any   local   organisation   with   a   genuine   need   or   specific   project   to   contact   them   to   outline their   situation.   Of   course,   the   Lions   are   not   offering   a   guarantee   of   support:   they   owe   it   to   all   the   people   who   donate   to   them so   generously   to   scrutinise   all   requests   for   funding   very   carefully.   However,   there   must   be      many   good   causes   that   they would be willing to support if only they knew about them. If   you   wish   to   invite   the   Lions   to   support   your   particular   initiative,   please   email   them   on   to make out your case.  
Lions Support Nepal The   whole   world   has   been   shocked   to   see   the   terrible   devastation   caused   by   the   Nepal   earthquake.   The   death   toll   for   the   worst   disaster   to   hit the   country   for   over   a   century   has   now   exceeded   7,000.   Many   of   the   survivors   are   homeless,   destitute   and   starving.   A   lack   of   adequate sanitation and clean water poses an imminent threat of a spread of life-threatening disease. As   always   in   the   face   of   such   disaster,   the   Lions   Clubs   International   Foundation   is   at   the   forefront   in   providing   relief.   Lions   clubs   throughout   the world   are   stepping   up   to   the   mark   to   help   finance   the   necessary   supplies   to   ameliorate   the   suffering.   Obviously,   the   Otley   Lions   are   playing   their part and have donated £1,000 to support the aid LCIF has sent to Nepal with its customary alacrity.    Also,   the   Otley   Lions   have   responded   to   the   request   of   the   British   and   Irish   Lions   (attributed   with   the   slightly   Orwellian   title   “Multiple   District 105”)   to   contribute   £100   to   their   appeal   for   all   British   and   Irish   clubs   to   support   their   project   of   supplying   vital   water   filtration   canisters,   as requested   by   the   Nepalese   Lions.   In   Great   Britain   and   Ireland   there   are   831   Lions   clubs;   obviously,   if   they   all   send   £100   that   will   raise   £83,100 to help ameliorate this tragedy. Otley   citizens   are   invited   to   participate.   Donations   to   Nepal   may   be   made   at   the   Otley   Lions   Book   Shop   in   Mercury   Row.   So   far,   donations   have totalled   £650   –   including   a   heart-warming   donation   of   £200   from   the   Cross   Green   Veterinary   Practice.   Every   penny   donated   will   go   to   help   the victims   of   the   earthquake,   with   no   deductions   for   administration   or   overheads.   Once   again,   the   Lions   are   the   first   to   be   on   the   spot   –   simply because,   in   the   form   of   the   Kathmandu   Lions,   they’re   there   on   the   spot   already.   Please   continue   to   show   Otley   people’s   customary   generosity by contributing to support the Lions’ efforts. Updated 05/06/2015
Lions at the 2015 Otley Show
One   of   the   perennial   features   of   Otley’s   famous      agricultural   show   is   the   presence   of   the   Otley   Lions   and   their   notorious   pot shy.   The   pot   shy   really   is   a   great   idea,   enabling   solid   and   respectable   citizens   to   indulge   their   primeval   violent   instincts   by vigorously    smashing    defenceless    pots    to    absolute    smithereens.    At    the    time,    the    instantaneous    pleasure    of    sheer destruction   is   totally   unalloyed   by   any   semblance   of   noble   motives.   But   knowing   that   your   £1   fee   goes   towards   the   Otley Lions’ charitable activities does at least present a veneer of respectability.  So   it   was   again   for   this   year’s   show,   with   the   smashing   time   had   by   one-and-all   raising   £190   for   the   Lions.   Books   and plants   were   also   on   sale   and   this   raised   £128.   The   Otley   Lions   thank   all   the   people   who   bought   books   and   plants   and patronised their pot shy. They can all be confident that the total of £318 thus raised will be put to good use. The   Lions’   beloved   mascot,   Chip,   enjoyed   his   day   at   the   show   and   the   photograph   portrays   him   demonstrating   his formidable pot-smashing skills.
A good fine start to the day. Chip poses. Chip the Lion having a go. The first customer of the day.
Lions at the 2015 Otley Carnival
The   Otley   Lions   had   their   customary   presence   at   this   year’s   Otley   Carnival,   with   the   appearance   of   their   mascot   Chip,   a sale   of   children’s   books   and   the   provision   for   the   crowd   of   a   choice   of   two   activities   –   the   egg-flipping   game   and   “bat-the- rat.”    Flipping    plastic    fried    eggs    into    an    assortment    of    frying-pans    is    quite    absorbing,    and    makes    the    participants unfathomably   competitive.   It   is,   moreover,   an   activity   demanding   strategy,   tactics,   perception   and   coordination   –   an awesome   synthesis   of   mind,   eye   and   body.   “Bat-the-Rat,”   on   the   other   hand,   comprises   awaiting   a   rat   as   it   descends   down a   chute   and   mercilessly   bashing   it   with   a   plastic   club   before   it   hits   the   ground:   as   such,   it   involves   an   uncompromising exercise in quick reactions allied to brute force. (Animal lovers and pacifists, please note that it’s only a toy rat!) Adults,   senior   citizens,   zombies,   police   offices,   town   mayors   and   elected   politicians   all   took   part   in   these   cerebral   and edifying antics. The   photographs   show:   one   of   the   zombies   (there   as   part   of   a   stall   admirably   raising   money   for   Martin   House)   proving   to be   quite   a   good   rat   batter   despite   taking   a   flexible   and   creative   interpretation   of   the   rules   -   such   as   they   are;   our   Town Mayor,   Phil   Bye,   looking   on   admiringly   as   Mrs.   Bye   shows   her   egg-flipping   prowess;   our   M.P.,   Greg   Mulholland,   taking   egg- flipping   with   all   due   seriousness.   Contemplating   the   choice   between   “bat-the-rat”   and   egg-flipping,   Greg   unhesitatingly chose strategy and tactics over brute force: constituents please note!  A   good   many   children   also   patronised   the   stall,   but   –   in   glaring   contrast   to   the   adults   –   they   mainly   concentrated   upon buying books. Chip   took   part   in   the   parade   and   later   joined   his   friends   from   the   Lions   at   the   stall.   He   was   quite   good   at   egg-flipping,   but never   really   got   the   hang   of   “Bat-the-Rat.”   He’s   seen   here   with   some   animals   and   other   friends.   The   Lions   thank   Edward Johnsons   of   Otley   for   the   loan   of   their   splendid   China   Wall   pick-up   to   transport   Chip   on   the   parade.   They   also,   of   course, thank all the Otley citizens who patronised their stall.
Sainsbury’s Year-Long Support for Otley Lions Ends on a Bang For twelve months now, Otley Lions have enjoyed the privilege of being the local Sainsbury’s store’s “Charity of the Year.” Book sales, bag-packs and bucket collections have featured in the fund-raising and the Lions are very grateful for Sainsbury’s cooperation and the Otley public’s generosity. On Friday, 3rd July, the year’s support reached its climax when the Duty Manager, Patrick Morris presented the Lions’ Publicity Officer, Patrick McCauley, with a giant cheque for the heart-warming sum of £5,416. Sainsbury’s, and the customers who supported the fundraising campaign, can rest assured that the Lions will put the money to good use in their mission of helping  good causes, national and global.
Sainsbury's staff Lion Patrick and duty store manager Patrick Morris.
The Lions Den
Click here for pictures of the Change-over barbeque:
The   Otley   Children’s   Centre   provides   a   great   service   for   Otley   children   and   their   parents.   When   the   Otley Lions   heard   that   the   Centre’s   management   were   hoping   that   some   day   they   could   transform   their   tarmac outside yard into a children’s play area, they were excited by the prospect and eager to help. The   driving   force   for   the   project   has   been   the   Centre   Manager,   Liz   Oddy;   but   the   Lions   have   been   delighted to finance turning the dream into a reality. The   old   tarmac   yard   is   now   an   engaging   garden   and   play   area   that   should   delight   generations   of   Otley children for many years to come. The   photograph   shows   the   Otley   Town   Mayor   Phillip   Bye   and   his   wife   Susan   Bye   attending   the   official opening of the play area with the Otley Lions President Eric Booth.
A wind speed indicator for YAA Faced   with   the   question   ‘So   what   will   your   President’s   Project   be?’   I   confess   to   enormous   indecision.   An   opportunity   to   make   a   difference, but   with   so   many   good   causes   out   there,   which   to   choose?   Finally   I   decided   on   an   organisation   whose   help   we   all   hope   we   and   our   loved ones   will   never   need,   but   one   which   could   make   the   difference   between   life   and   death,   between   future   health   and   permanent   disability:   The Yorkshire Air Ambulance – YAA. The    response    from    my    club    members    was magnificent.   As   a   new   venture,   the   club   arranged an   auction   and   I   was   delighted   to   hear   that   the organising     committee     chose     to     donate     the proceeds    to    the    President’s    Project.    A    great deal   of   hard   work   by   this   committee   ensured   many varied   lots   went   under   the   hammer,   resulting   in a   grand   total   raised   of   £1,918   and   a   wonderful start to the project. As    autumn    moved    into    winter    our    Christmas activities   took   centre   stage,   with   all   monies   raised by   Santa   and   his   helpers   pledged   to   the   YAA appeal.   Thanks   to   the   energy   and   commitment   of Otley    Lions    and    friends,    and    the    generous donations     of     those     supporting     us,     our     total reached     an     incredible     £9,231     which     club members   agreed   to   increase   to   £10,000   from   club funds. We   were   told   of   the   need   for   a   wind   speed   indicator   at   Nostell   Priory   to   facilitate   precision   landings   and   take-offs   and   Otley   Lions   were   very pleased   to   be   able   to   donate   a   huge   proportion   of   the   £12,400   required.   Even   better,   when YAA   District   Officer   Lion   Roger   Basing   was   told   of this he arranged to donate the amount held by District, making a magnificent £12,394.84 in total. A   visit   was   made   to   YAA   at   Nostell   Priory   to   present   the   cheques.   While   we   were   at   the   base   the   helicopter   was   called   out   to   an   emergency in   Hull   and   we   watched   it   leave,   carrying   the   Lions   logo   on   its   fuselage,   to   give   rapid   aid.   My   personal   thanks   go   to   all   Otley   Lions   and supporters,   to   Lion   Roger   Basing,   and   to   every   Lions   Club   which   donated   to   the   District Appeal.   Together   we   have   made   a   difference   for   the YAA. Lion Barbara Taylor IPP Otley Lions Club
Lion President Eric Booth and Lion Derek Owram
At   our   Club   meeting   of   Monday   3rd   August,   Otley   Lions'   President   Eric   Booth   MJF had   the   delightful   honour   of   presenting   Charter   Lion   member   Derek   Owram   with   a congratulatory   letter   and   a   Chevron   pin   bar,   recognising   35   years   continued   service to Lions Clubs International and particularly Otley Lions.
Returning to Otley.
Members   of   The   Beehive   Group   return - ing   to   Otley   after   a   trip   to   the   Disabled Fun    &    Sports    Day    at    Doncaster.    The photo   outside   the   Methodist   Church   on Boroughgate     shows     Jennifer     Booth extreme    left,    George    Chapman,    Lion Helen   Chapman   (obscured)   centre   and Lion    President    Eric    Booth    right    with members of Beehive.
S Bellerby
Chip showing off his egg flipping skills. Chip with furry friend or is it his lunch? Military Chip. Chip and friend. The Otley Lions stall.
Lions at the Otley Vintage Transport Extravaganza 13th September 2015
Gambian Double for Otley Lions
Education   in   the   Gambia   can   be   a   bit   of   a   lottery   when   you   have   no   class   room,   stationery   or   even electricity.   Twice   within   a   week   Otley   Lions   were   asked   to   support   two   charitable   ventures   taking   containers of   supplies   to   the   far   reaches   of   Gambia.   One   container   set   off   from   Greengates   on   the   29th   of   October   and the second from Doncaster goes in November. The    first     container    helping    the    Idle    and     Saltaire    based    'Gambian Schools   Trust'   contained   thousands   of   pencils,   exercise   books   and stock   for   school   libraries.   Over   the   last   5   years   they   have   opened   five nursery schools and improved several village amenities. Hilary    Lawther,    who    will    supervise    the    onsite    unloading    of    the container   and   distribution   said,   'Through   the   generosity   of   its   unpaid supporters,    the    Trust    has    already    been    able    to    build,    equip    and maintain   5   nursery   schools,   and   libraries   from   our   containers   filled   with   school   materials, furniture and resources.' Otley   Lions   support   other   Lions   Clubs   from   Warmsworth   &   Edlington   and   Bramley   &   Whickersley,   along   with friends   who   will   go   to   Gambia   with   the   November   container   destined   for   Banjule.   They   will   give   equipment and support to local Schools, Hospitals and Orphanages. Both    these    projects    have    received    support    in    various    ways    from    Sinclairs,    the    local    company    that manufactures world class stationery supplies and from Otley Lions.
Pleased to support District Governor’s Lady’s Appeal  Otley   Lions   Club   has   presented   a   cheque   for   £200   to   the   District Governor’s   Lady’s   Appeal,   which   is   raising   money   for   the   provision of   a   kitchen   at   Centrepoint   in   Bradford   to   help   homeless   young people work toward a better future. In   the   photograph   (l-r)   :   1st   Vice-District   Governor   Lion   David McDowell,   District   Governor’s   Lady   Elizabeth   Ware,   Lion   Barbara Taylor of Otley Lions.  
Queuing to see Santa. Santa with his helper. Time to switch the lights on. Santa's helper with Jane and Lion Secretary Stevie. Fireworks display. Serving mulled wine and mince pies Lion Barbara, helper Jenifer and Lion President Eric Booth.
Otley Lions at the Christmas Lights Switch On 2015