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As   a   part   of   Lions   International   the   Otley   Lions Club   supports   our   international   community   by working    to    help    conquer    blindness,    provide youth   opportunities,   respond   to   disasters   and much more. Otley   Lions   are   asking   if   you   could   become part   of   the   pride,   become   more   aware   of   the needs   of   your   community   and   work   with   like minded   people   to   make   a   difference.   Having   a hands-on   role   in   the   community   creates   the fun   and   friendship   that   really   encapsulates   the spirit of being a Lion.
Otley    Lions    Club    is    part    of    Lions    Clubs International,   the   world's   largest   service   club organisation.   It   is   recognised   worldwide   for   its services   to   the   blind   and   visually   impaired.   We also    provide    support    for    young    people    by recognising   their   efforts   and   providing   them with   opportunities   to   learn,   achieve   and   grow. Every    pound    raised    by    the    Lions    goes    to charity. If   you   are   interested   in   finding   out   more   about the   Otley   Lions   Club   please   visit   our   contacts   page and get in touch.
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