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Otley Lions Help to Buy Defibrillator When   the   Otley   Lions   heard   about   the   campaign   to   locate   a   defibrillator outside   Ashfield   School   they   were   delighted   to   contribute   £500   towards its purchase. The    campaign    has    bore    fruit    and    this    life-saving community   asset   is   now   in   place.   Let’s   all   hope   it’s never   needed,   but   it’s   very   re-assuring   to   know   it’s there just in case. The   picture   shows   Otley   Lion   President   Barbara   Taylor   with   the   Ashfield defibrillator. Justine Greening Assists Otley Lions’ Support for Ebola Victims Our   Secretary   of   State   for   International   Development   may   well   dispute that sequencing, and so an explanation is in order. YCare,   the   international   wing   of   the   YMCA,   is   currently   active   in   helping West   African   communities      recover   from   the   devastating   effects   of   the Ebola   outbreak.   Special   efforts   are   being   made   in   Liberia,   where   there have   been   about   4,500   deaths   from   Ebola   and   since   the   crisis   75%   of families   have   seen   a   40%   decline   in   their   income   –   at   a   time   when   food shortages   have   produced   a   150%   rise   in   the   price   of   basic   foods.   YCare is   investing   in   schemes   to   provide   the   necessary   tools,   training   and support to bring about the reconstruction of afflicted communities. For   instance   £50   will   finance   the   supply   of   wheel-barrows   and   shovels needed    to    renovate    run-down    areas    and    construct    the    necessary infrastructure   for   clean   water   supplies.   £105   will   provide   tools   and training   for   young   people   to   secure   employment   and   work   their   way   out of   poverty.   The   Otley   Lions   have   therefore   decided   to   contribute   this sum of £105. For   a   short   period   of   time   –   from   now   until   2nd   August   –   the   British Government   will   match   fund   all   donations   to   this   cause.   Thus   the   Lions’ donation will be doubled to £210 by our government. Any   Otley   or   Ilkley   citizens   who   wish   to   make   a   donation,   large   or small,   to   this   cause   can   therefore   do   so   knowing   that   they   will   be   doing so in a very cost-effective manner.  You   can   donate   by   telephone   on   020   7549   3175   or   on-line   by   visiting Otley Lions Support ELF As    knowledgeable readers      will      be aware,    ELF    is    an acronym     for     the E   l   i   m   i   n   a   t   e     Leukaemia      Fund, s   u   p   p   o   r   t   i   n   g       Research     at     the King’s        Hospital.          On     Sunday     10 th   May   Otley   Lion   Brian   Pettinger   and   his   wife   Carol   opened   up   their garden   in   Menston   to   provide   a   sale   of   plants   and   cakes,   a   chance   to win   tombola   prizes   and   the   opportunity   to   enjoy   their   beautiful   garden. The   entire   splendid   sum   of   £620   thus   raised   went   to   ELF   to   support   the great    research    work    being    carried    out.    Several    Lions    and    friends donated   plants,   cakes   and   tombola   prizes   and   helped   to   make   the   event such a success. Meanwood Valley Urban Farm On   Saturday,   25 th    April,   members   of   the   Beehive   Group   made   a   special visit   to   the   Farm.   Through   an   auction   organised   by   Otley   Lions   the Beehive   Group   received   an   invitation   to   tour   the   Farm   and   name   an animal.   Through   great   planning   (or   good   luck)   Saturday   saw   the   arrival
of   two   new   pigs   -   Ian   the   Farmer   tells   me   both   of them   are   cross   bred   Gloucester   Old   Spot/Pietrain sows.   After   presentation   of   a   certificate   to   record their   visit   The   Beehive   Group   met   the   new   arrivals and   chose   names   -   pig   137   is   now   called   Peggy and   pig   138   is   now   Maggie.   Two   excellent   names. A   really   enjoyable   afternoon   rounded   off   with   tea and   cakes   in   the   Café.   A   big   thank   you   to   everyone   who   organised   this visit. (From Meanwood Valley Urban Valley Farm Facebook Page) Otley Lions’ Plant Sale The   Otley   Lions   thank   everyone   who   patronised   last   weekend’s   plant sale.   Over   £100   was   raised   and   the   Lions   will   make   sure   that   this   is   put to good use. A   wide   range   of   plants   were   bought   and   sold,   most   of   them   hardy specimens   well   suited   to   our   northern   climes.      The   star   of   the   show   was probably   the   well   named   “She   stoops   to   conker”   -   a   seven   foot   horse chestnut   tree   destined   to   grow   to   a   mighty   thirty   foot   tall.   The   Lions’ favourite   customer   was   one   who   specialised   in   holding   conversations with   the   plants   –   presumably   about   climate   change   and   the   state   of modern architecture. The plants are widely believed to have enjoyed it. The   Lions   will   be   selling   more   plants   from   their   stall   at   the   Otley   Show on   the   16 th    May.   After   letting   off   steam   on   their   legendary   pot-shy   and acquiring   some   bargain-priced   books,   feel   free   to   buy   some   more   plants - if tradition holds, they will probably be very well watered! Lions Sponsor Otley Brass Band Yet   again,   the   Otley   Lions   will   be   sponsoring   one   of   the   ever-popular concerts   from   the   Otley   Brass   Band.   This   year   the   concert   will   take place   on   Friday   24th   April   at   7.30   at   the   United   Reformed   Church   in Bridge   Street.   Tickets   are   only   £3   each   and   can   be   purchased   from several   outlets   including   the   Lions’   Bookshop   in   Mercury   Row.   Patrons may   also   pay   at   the   door   on   the   night.   Light   refreshments   will   be available.    Brass    Bands    are    a    great    and    time-honoured    Yorkshire tradition   and   Otley   audiences   invariably   enjoy   hearing   our   very   own Brass   Band   performing   with   their   customary   gusto   and   skill.   Please   try to come along to enjoy such a quintessential Yorkshire evening. Chip’s Anniversary April   2015   marks   the   first   anniversary   of   the arrival   of   the   Otley   Lions’   popular   mascot, Chip.   When   he   first   came   he   was   the   “animal with   no   name”   and   was   simply   called   “the Lion.”   However,   after   a   district-wide   naming competition    “the    Lion”    acquired    the    name “Chip”   -   an   obvious   but   poignant   reference   to one   of   Otley’s   most   famous   sons.   Since   then Chip   has   become   a   prominent   feature   on   the Otley   landscape,   appearing   at   most   of   the   Lions’   activities   and   fund- raising events. However,   Chip   remains   something   of   an   enigma:   he   never   speaks   of   his origins   or   antecedents;   indeed,   one   of   Chip’s   idiosyncrasies   is   that   he never   speaks   at   all!      Nobody   knows   where   he   came   from   or   what   he   did before   he   settled   in   Otley.   We   can   only   guess   from   his   characteristics. Chip   is   invariably   polite   with   impeccable   manners;   was   he   brought   up   in a   stately   home?   He   is   always   friendly   and   sociable   with   a   keen   sense   of the   theatrical;   did   he   once   work   in   a   circus?   He   oozes   self-confidence and    charm;    did    he    attend    an    English    Public    School    or    train    as    a politician?   He   regularly   supports   the   Lions’   endeavours   to   raise   money for   good   causes,   and   is   one   of   nature’s   congenital   philanthropists;   is   he from   an   aristocratic   family   with   an   inherent   sense   of   duty?      He   is   very industrious   and   energetic;   has   he   had   to   work   hard   to   survive   in   the
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Background: Mounseys Stationers, Market Street, Otley
Chip's first outing at Tesco's Ilkley. Members of the Beehive Group being presented with their certificate. Lion President Barbara Taylor
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