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Hello   there!   Thank   you   for   taking   the   time   to   look   at our   website.   My   name   is   Stephen   Bellerby   (most   call me   Stevie)   and   I   have   the   great   honour   of   being   the President   of   Otley   Lions   Club   for   the   next   twelve months. I   look   forward   to   meeting our     many     friends     and supporters,     whether     at the   bookshop   on   Mercury Row   or   at   our   events   out and    about    in    Otley    and the   surrounding   area.   My predecessor,      George      Chapman,      has      had      a tremendous   year,   a   principal   focus   of   it   being   aimed toward   the   young   people   of   Otley,   our   future.   I   am delighted    that    George,    on    leaving    the    office    of President,   is   becoming   our   Youth   Officer,   working with   schools   and   youth   organisations   such   as   the Cadets   and   the   Scouts.   Youth   projects,   will   continue to    be    supported    this    year,    while    not    forgetting others   within   our   community,   who   we   continue   to serve.   We   look   forward   to   being   able   to   put   on   the Brass   Band   Concert   next   April   and   we   welcome   back members    of    Bradford    Magic    Circle    to    present another   evening   of   magic   and   wonder   this   October. At    Otley    Lions    Club,    we    are    looking    forward    to meeting   Father   Christmas   again,   when   he   returns   to help   us   with   our   fund   raising   on   the   run   up   to   his busiest night. We   were   delighted   with   our   success   in   the   Otley Carnival   back   in   June,   being   awarded   first   place   in
our   categories   for   both   the   window   display   and   our float    entry:    Bringing    Books    To    Life .    We    were particularly   delighted   with   the   warm   reception   our lion   received   when   he   joined   us   in   the   procession. He was   made   to   feel   very   welcome.   Do keep   an   eye   out   for   him.   He   will   be popping   into   town   from   time   to   time and    while    he    doesn't    talk,    he    is certainly   not   shy.   He   is   more   than happy   to   meet   people   of   all   ages   and loves     to     pose     for     photographs whenever    the    opportunity    presents itself. If    you'd    like    to    learn    more    about what   Otley   Lions   Club   does   and   why   its   members enjoy    being    involved    with    the    activities,    why    not attend    a    meeting    or    contact    the    Secretary,    David McDowell   (01943   467551)   for   further   information.   We meet   on   the   first   and   third   Monday   of   each   month   at the    Horse    and    Farrier    on    Bridge    Street.    A    warm welcome   is   assured   if   you   decide   to   come   and   meet us. Finally,   on   behalf   of   Otley   Lions   Club,   I   thank   our supporters   for   their   continued   support.   We   are   able   to do   what   we   do   because   they   give   what   they   give, whether   it   is   time;   money;   books,   DVD's   &   CD's; crockery    for    our    famous    pot    shy;    spectacles    & hearing aids; sponsorship and so on. If   you   are   one   of   our   supporters,   please   know   that   we are sincerely grateful.
President’s message (2013-2014)
 Lion President George handing over the chains of office for 2013-14.
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The Lion helping FareShare.
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