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Welcome   to   our   website.   I   am   Barbara   Taylor, President of Otley Lions Club for 2014-2015.   Who   are   Lions?      Lions   are   people   who   work together   to   help   those   in   need.   We   do   this   by organising      fund-raising      events      in      the community,   for   the   community,   enabling   us   to use   the   funds   raised   for   the   benefit   of   others. You   may   have   taken   aim   for   a   smashing   time at   our   pot-shy   or   been   baffled   by   the   amazing feats   at   our   magic   show;   perhaps   you   have shared    the    wonder    and    excitement    of    the younger    generation    as    we    helped    them    to meet   and   talk   to   Santa   or   joined   in   with   the music,   singing   and   flag-waving   at   our   annual Brass   Band   Concert;   and   I   am   sure   you   will have    taken    the    opportunity    to    buy    superb books at our bookshop on Mercury Row. What   help   have   we   given   to   others?   We   have provided    wheelchairs,    walking    frames    and
learning    resources;    welcomed    children    from Chernobyl,   aided   the   campaign   to   eradicate measles         worldwide         and         arranged entertainment      for      local      elderly      people; supported    youth    organisations,    community events    and    disaster    responses;    and    much, much   more.   Working   together   to   improve   life for   those   less   fortunate   is   what   we   do   best. What    can    be    more    rewarding    than    helping others – and having fun doing it! If    you,    or    someone    you    know,    need    our support    please    get    in    touch    by    calling    our Secretary,   Stephen   Bellerby,   on   01943   511262 or   me,   Barbara   Taylor,   on   01943   467551.   Or perhaps    you    would    like    to    play    a    part    in making   life   better   for   others.   If   so,   come   to meet   us   at   the   Horse   and   Farrier   on   the   first and   third   Monday   of   each   month   at   8pm.   You are assured of a smiling welcome. 
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President’s message (2014-2015)
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