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On   Friday   30 th    May ,   Otley   Lions   are   organising   a Race   Night   to   be   held   at   the   Askwith   Village   Hall, starting   at   7.30   pm.   Tickets   cost   £4   and   can   be purchased   from   the   Lions’   bookshop   in   Mercury   Row or   bought   at   the   door   on   the   night.   A   light   supper   is included in the price and a bar will be open. The   actual   “racing”   will   be   delivered   by   the   Keighley Lions,   who   are   very   experienced   in   this   area.   This isn’t    the    sort    of    race    night    where    you    bet    on recordings    of    obscure    and    anonymised    foreign meetings.   There   is   an   artificial   race   track   with   eight lanes.   In   each   lane   is   a   toy   horse   with   a   name   and   a number.   The   race   proceeds   by   a   two-digit   ball   being drawn   out.   The   first   digit   indicates   the   horse   and   the second   the   number   of   spaces   it   is   to   proceed;   for
example,   46   tells   us   that   horse   4   will   move   forward 6   places.   This   continues   until   the   first   horse   home crosses   the   winning   line.      There   will   be   five   such races, each with a field of eight horses.  Members   of   the   audience   may   sponsor   a   horse   for £2.50.   The   sponsor   of   the   winner   will   be   awarded   a bottle   of   wine.   You   may   also,   of   course,   bet   on   the horses.   This   will   be   on   a   Tote   basis,   with   half   the stake    money    for    each    race    being    divided    equally between all the supporters of the successful horse. Winning   is   not,   of   course,   guaranteed   -   that’s   why it’s   called   gambling.   But   it   should   be   an   enjoyable evening giving everybody present a lot of fun.
Otley Lions Race Night
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Some pictures from the night
Background: Askwith Village Hall, Askwith near Otley