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Club meeting with Ian & Judy Sagar 1st Sep 2014
04-Sep-2014 @ 17:55
District Governor’s Visit
Background: The Horse & Farrier, Bridge Street, Otley
Some pictures from the web:
District   Governor   Ian   Sager   and   his   wife   Lion   Judy   Sager   attended   the   Otley   Lions’   meeting   on   1st September. The   District   Governor   complimented   the   Otley   club   on   their   fundraising   efforts   and   upon   the   wide range   of   good   causes   they   had   therefore   been   able   to   support.      He   was   also   full   of   praise   for   their excellent web-site. The   Lions’   intelligence   sources   having   revealed   that   1 st    September   was   Judy’s   birthday,      a   birthday cake spontaneously arose at the end of the meeting. The   photographs   show   Ian   exchanging   club   pennants   with   the   Otley   Lions’   President   Barbara Taylor, the meeting in progress, and Judy enjoying cutting into her cake.
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